Kyrie Irving Wore A New York Times ‘Truth’ Shirt After Celtics-Bucks

Getty Image

Kyrie Irving may have his differences with the sports media that covers him, but he certainly supports clothing made by the New York Times.

Irving has made headlines in the past few weeks for, well, just being friendly toward Kevin Durant. Both of them can enter free agency this summer and the consistent rumors are that both may want to play for the New York Knicks. Those rumors and questions about free agency have bothered Irving, who has responded to questions about teaming up with Durant by getting quite irritated.

Despite his near-constant sparring with and scolding of the press, it seems he’s a fan of at least one newspaper. Thursday night the Celtics played a road game against the Milwaukee Bucks in a contest that almost certainly will serve as a preview to the Eastern Conference postseason. It was a close game, with Irving getting the last shot for the Bucks. The shot didn’t fall, and Irving faced the media on Thursday night wearing a Times shirt.

It’s a cool gesture that is almost certainly done for a reason, and while we can probably guess what that reason was — he’s asking those covering him to speak the Capitol T Truth — perhaps it’s a defense of the Times against Donald Trump, as it came a day after Trump labeled the paper the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” in a tweet.

It would be pretty cool if despite all the weird instances of his quotes becoming bigger news because of the press, he still respects those writing stories enough to give them a shout out. Or perhaps he just really likes the Times’ sports department. That’s also very possible, because everything is possible with Kyrie. Either way, Irving is in favor of the truth, as we all should be.