Did Kyrie Irving Mock The LeBron James ‘I’m Coming Home’ Decision On His Way Back From Asia?

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Kyrie Irving has said a lot in private about his desire to leave Cleveland and LeBron James behind, but nothing in public. But it seems that Irving has finally broken his silence, and he did it in song.

The point guard has been on a long tour of Asia with Nike, which he chronicled on Instagram while apparently unfollowing LeBron James on the social media site. On his Snapchat early Wednesday morning, however, Irving posted a video of him singing that’s likely his most direct acknowledgment of his peculiar relationship with LeBron James yet.https://twitter.com/medleyhoops/status/890068677562859520

The song is “Coming Home” by Diddy and Skylar Grey, and it fits what Irving is literally doing at the time he filmed it. But that’s not how things work here in the pettiest offseason in NBA history. Irving’s singing is almost certainly a direct reference to James’ announcement that he’s returning to Cleveland in a 2014 Sports Illustrated piece.

And that makes sense, especially if what we’ve learned over the last fortnight is true. Irving had signed a long-term deal with the Cavaliers about a fortnight before James made his announcement, neglecting to give Irving or anyone else a head’s up about his decision.

Irving hasn’t said anything about his mindset publicly, though he has been understandably occupied while halfway around the world. That appears to be changing, though, and he seems more than willing to emulate LeBron here and post subtle digs on social media while we are left to go wild with speculation.