The Lakers Will Honor Kobe Bryant At His Last Game With Both Of His Numbers Painted On The Court

On this, the day of Kobe Bryant’s final game in the NBA, everyone is making sure to pay appropriate tribute to a giant of the game. As fortune would have it, Kobe’s last hurrah will be at home at the Staples Center, and one imagines it will be one long Kobe jamboree with a basketball game awkwardly sandwiched in somewhere. Our suspicions are only heightened by the above announcement that Kobe’s numbers will be on the hardwood tonight.

Honestly, it’s sort of a cool move, if only because it lays bare the insane level to which L.A. has given over its season to Kobe’s farewell tour. The Lakers owe him so much, but we were fatigued by the hosannas months ago. It’s nice again since it’s all over, but we’re just saying — prepare yourself to be exhausted by some really cheesy stuff going down in L.A. tonight.