We Got Another Taste Of LaVar Ball In ‘NBA 2K18,’ And It’s Absurd

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09.06.17 3 Comments

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We’re all used to LaVar Ball by now. He rants, he raves, he loses Big3 4-point challenges, and most of all, he makes claims that he could never possibly back up (you cannot beat Michael Jordan one-on-one, LaVar). But he’s someone you can just scroll past in your news feed if you don’t want him in your life, but if you’re an NBA 2K18 fan, you won’t be able to escape the clutches of Ball as he guides you in MyCAREER mode.

Yes, these are strange times for everyone, but if you’re not a Big Baller, then what are you even doing, right? That’s what 2K Sports is thinking — you need Big Baller Brand on your side for motivation as you embark on your journey through the rough and tumble world of the National Basketball Association. In other words, you’re going to have LaVar texting you, disturbing your special quiet time at Foot Locker. A lot.

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