We Chat With LaVar Ball On His New Reality Show And Creating The ‘Ball Dynasty’

09.01.17 9 months ago 3 Comments

Getty/Ralph Ordaz

LaVar Ball doesn’t need much prompting to start talking. Ask a question and he’ll take off, bouncing from one topic to another at a moment’s notice. When something’s on his mind, sooner or later it’ll come out of his mouth. The father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball made a reputation for himself as the UCLA prospect became one of the top picks in the NBA Draft.

Along the way, LaVar Ball became a household name along with his sons, showing up on national television, launching his own sportswear company and helping his boys launch not one, but now two signature shoes. The latest Big Baller venture is a reality television show airing exclusively on Facebook Watch, a new platform the social media site hopes will be its next big thing. Ball is betting big on Ball in the Family, which debuted its first episode on Thursday and will air each episode on Sunday nights starting on Sept. 10.

Ball talked to DIME by phone while in his “fabulous spot” — the kitchen of his Chino Hills home. He’ll talk about just about anything, but his responses aren’t as off-the-cuff as they may seem. Often he’ll repeat the question, giving himself a few extra seconds to come up with something clever or meaningful to say. And his sentences come with long pauses, as if he’s reconsidering his answers, adding to them as he sees fit.

In the span of 20 minutes, Ball had a surprising pick for his favorite NBA player, talked about how people use his name to gain attention, and predicted how people will view his family in a new light once they see the show air.

One thing was clear in speaking to the Big Baller Brand patriarch: he doesn’t regret the role he’s taken on in the basketball world. In fact, it’s clear that he intends to build his company — and his family — into a lasting presence in the sports world.

The “Ball Dynasty,” as he calls it, has already begun. And LaVar says he’s just getting started.

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