LeBron James Grabbed A Beer From A Stadium Employee And Was Grossed Out By The Smell

Associate Editor
05.01.17 9 Comments


Few basketball players get more locked into the postseason than LeBron James. For example, every year, LeBron goes completely dark on social media during his team’s playoff run as a way to avoid distractions. It hasn’t always led to a championship, but it’s something that he thinks makes a positive impact as he tries to get a ring.

You’d also imagine that LeBron adheres to a really strict diet, if not during the entire season then at least during the postseason. Like most people who got on serious diets, the presence of alcohol is likely not allowed.

So when LeBron grabbed a beer out of a stadium employee’s hand during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it was a near guarantee that he was going to give it back. This was also because I cannot imagine it’s ok to drink beer during an NBA game, but I can’t say it’s banned for sure.

Still, the King looked like he wanted to take a sip. When he got the bottle in his hand, this happened.

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