LeBron James ‘Would Love’ For Dwyane Wade To Sign With The Cavaliers

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LeBron James spoke with the assembled media for the first time in months on Monday at Cavaliers’ media day and touched on a variety of topics. He gave his first official statement on the Kyrie Irving trade saga and explained the wide range of emotions he felt when he found out about the request.

James also spoke candidly about Donald Trump, as he has so often, and the president’s recent foray into speaking down towards athletes in the NBA and NFL. Few stars in the NBA are more honest in group media settings than James about politics, his team, or the league as a whole, so it came as no surprise that James didn’t shy away from any questions, including those about the employment status of his former teammate and long-time friend Dwyane Wade.

Wade and the Chicago Bulls reached an agreement on a buyout on Sunday night, making the perennial All-Star and three-time NBA champion the most intriguing free agent on the market right as training camp is getting set to begin. Wade will have his pick of contenders to play for this season, but most consider the Cavs the frontrunner due to his relationship with LeBron.

James’ Instagram activity has hinted at his desire to have Wade join the squad and on Monday afternoon he didn’t try to hide it.

“I would love to have D-Wade a part of this team,” James said. “He brings another championship DNA and championship pedigree. Brings another playmaker to the team that can get guys involved and make plays, and also just has a great basketball mind. It’d be great to have him here. … I probably will reach out to him as well, but it’s not up to me. It’s up to our front office, but I hope that we can bring him here. I would love to have him.”

This response is what you would expect and while he was deferential to the front office, he obviously feels strongly that Wade would bring a positive impact to the squad and was giving a bit of a nudge to try and get them to make something happen.