Marc Stein Joked About LeBron Returning To Miami, Launching ‘The Dan LeBatard Show’ Into A Frenzy

06.14.18 10 months ago 2 Comments


It is officially the NBA’s silly season, as the NBA Draft is a week away, and 10 days later, free agency will finally begin. For the next two-plus weeks, we’ll all be trying to sift through the various rumors about who will be signing where, and it all starts and ends with LeBron James.

The best part about LeBron’s free agency decision is that no one has any actual idea where he’s going to go. The most plugged in reporters in the NBA are working feverishly to try and figure it out, but with the announcement coming on Uninterrupted, they’re not going to get very far in figuring it out. So, while there are levels to which we can all get some kind of information or idea into LeBron’s thought process, at some point we’re all grasping at straws.

The problem is, everyone wants to know what LeBron will do because everyone knows that holds the key to every other free agency decision (or at least will lead to the others starting to get done). So, at some point, newsbreakers are going to be fed up with the constant LeBron questions and may just have a little fun with it all.

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