LeBron James Led The NBA Players Wishing Zion Williamson Well After His Injury Against North Carolina

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A freak incident during the opening minute of the first Duke vs. North Carolina matchup of the year led to basketball fans holding their collective breaths. Blue Devils star Zion Williamson slipped while in possession of the ball, leading to his foot exploding out of his sneaker and a knee injury that, eventually, ruled him out for the remainder of the game. Even Barack Obama was stunned by what he saw from his courtside seat.

The game is still happening, but in the immediate aftermath, Twitter exploded with takes regarding Williamson’s future in college hoops and why this injury was representative of how insane elements of the sport is, from the fact that Williamson doesn’t get paid to the fact that he was forced to go to college in the first place.

These tweets didn’t just come from fans. A collection of NBA players chimed in on what they saw, including LeBron James.

Nets veteran Jared Dudley, as he is wont to do, shared his thoughts, saying he was stunned by what occurred.

A number of current and former players called out Nike for this, including Celtics guard Terry Rozier, who used it as a chance to try and recruit Williamson to Puma, which didn’t sit well with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

Rozier did, however, walk it back a bit, saying he didn’t know Williamson was hurt.

The best take belonged to Utah star Donovan Mitchell, who saw this, realized how much cash went into this exact game, and pointed out how insane it is that the teenager at the center of it who suffered a knee injury saw none of said cash.

Pay the players. And get well soon, Zion.