LeBron James And Ohio State Are Creating A Special T-Shirt For This Year’s Michigan Game

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LeBron James and the Ohio State Buckeyes have teamed up for some pretty sick gear in the past. The t-shirt that the two are releasing for this year’s game between the Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines, though, may be the coolest piece of apparel that the two have released yet.

The Buckeyes will wear a special white uniform for The Game, and the LeBron t-shirt designed by Nike will follow suit. It’s the same design as the uniform, only it has the number 23 on it, along with “JAMES” across the nameplate.

There is a catch: To follow a tradition that Ohio State fans follow during the week of the matchup with Michigan, a big red X goes through the middle letter in LeBron’s last name.

This is something common across the university, as the letter M is crossed out with red tape during the final week of the regular season. It’s so prominent that Ohio governor and Ohio State alumnus John Kasich is known for getting in on the fun.

Cespite the Cavaliers’ struggles to start the year, it’s probably a safe bet that LeBron will tune in to watch this one. He’s a noted fan of Ohio State, and even attended last year’s game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines in Columbus with a number of teammates. At the very least, it’s a safe bet that’s he’s going to wear this shirt at some point during gameday.