LeBron James’ Son Showed Off His Slick Handles But Heard Warriors Taunts After A Loss

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While Kyrie Irving is requesting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and hysterically laughing at the acting skills of his team’s rival, Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry, LeBron James is being a supportive father and cheering on his son, LeBron James Jr., at an AAU tournament this weekend. And James’ son gave his father plenty to cheer about.

Coming down the court in transition, James Jr. shed his defender with a quick (and quite low) crossover that broke the ankles of his opponent. To make the play even more perfect, the defender attempted to steal the ball and James Jr. taught him the age old lesson of “you reach, I teach.”
From Overtime:

Despite James Jr.’s flashy and ankle-breaking play, his team ended up losing, much to the enjoyment of the fans on hand.

Immediately after the final buzzer sounded, fans (or maybe just one lone individual) decided to heckle James and his son for losing. It wasn’t a very creative heckle, though, as the fans started chanting “Warriors” in James’ direction.

While it’s hard to ascertain from the dark and unclear Zapruder-esque footage, it does appear like James heard the heckles and looked at the fans in question, which may be why the Warriors chant didn’t last that long. A smart move, since you don’t want to make James angry or be his enemy for life.