Some NBA GMs Think LeBron Is Tampering By Openly Recruiting Anthony Davis To The Lakers

12.21.18 7 months ago 2 Comments

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LeBron James is not a general manager in the NBA. Maybe someday, but as much as he seems to influence the going-ons that happen in NBA front offices, he’s not in charge of things. When he reportedly maybe wants a player on his team, though, the Lakers have to react to those reports and decide if not pleasing the most important player in the NBA is worth it.

The LeBron effect is very real, and it has an impact on those who don’t have James on the roster as well, especially when it comes to free agency. Which is why NBA general managers are apparently upset that James spoke publicly about how much he’d like to play with Anthony Davis. Currently on the New Orleans Pelicans, Davis isn’t a free agent until 2021. But there’s already considerable talk that the Lakers want to work a trade for him during the summer.

James was asked about potentially playing with Davis and raved about the opportunity, saying that the Lakers trading for Davis would be “amazing.” James has also, mind you, said he’s always wanted to play with the currently-teamless (kind of) Carmelo Anthony, so take that for what it’s worth. But GMs apparently think what James said should be considered tampering.

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