Lil Dicky Unofficially Joined Lonzo And LaVar As One Of The Balls

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At this point, almost everyone in the sports world has poked fun in the direction of LaVar Ball. The father of Lonzo Ball believes that his sons are worth a $1 billion shoe deal and that he could have beaten Michael Jordan in 1-on-1 (to name only two things) and, as such, it isn’t a surprise that he has drawn some scrutiny. Now, though, the Ball family has officially received the Lil Dicky treatment.

For those unfamiliar with the work of the rapper/comedian, Lil Dicky’s most recent foray into the pop culture landscape came with a music video called “Pillow Talking,” and before that, he was getting ethered by Nick Cannon. It isn’t often that his work has crossed over into the sporting landscape, but Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh did sing the national anthem (no, really, he did) at Lil Dicky’s show in Ann Arbor, and that scene speaks for itself.

This time around, Lil Dicky is poking all kinds of fun at LaVar Ball with the help of ESPN’s Jay Williams. The video above plants Lil Dicky as the “fourth Ball brother” named “Lidicky,” and it checks all the boxes. To be fair, LaVar was clearly involved in the production and plays along quite well, but it still brings entertainment through parody, and that is something the internet usually enjoys greatly.