Magic Johnson Recaps The First Three Rounds Of The 2019 NBA Playoffs

05.22.19 3 months ago

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When Magic Johnson announced he was stepping down from his post as the Lakers president of basketball operations, one the reasons he cited for leaving was wanting to tweet more without getting in trouble for tampering.

Quitting a job that paid you millions of dollars because you wanted to tweet is, truly, an iconic thing to do and true to his word, Magic has been very much online since leaving. As we learned during his First Take appearance, there was more to it than just wanting to be able to tamper and tweet that drove him out of the Lakers organization, but it still played a role and that is truly an incredible thing.

The best part of this is that Magic’s tweets are legendary for being extremely bland and often reading like a very basic recap of whatever thing he just watched, which makes them perfect for anyone that has happened to miss anything that’s happened in the NBA Playoffs. Magic may no longer be with the Lakers, but he still loves watching some NBA basketball, and his Twitter timeline over the past month serves as a very effective recap for what’s happened through the first three rounds of the playoffs.

So, for anyone that may be tuning in late or missed the action in one of the conferences up until this point, let Magic get you caught up on all the goings on in the Association.

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