Magic Johnson Actually Used Twitter To Say Something Important And We Should All Listen

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Magic Johnson took to Twitter on Thursday to say he’s “disgusted by what’s happening” to people of color in America and address the violent protests in Charlotte following another series of African-American deaths at the hands of police in America.

Before Thursday, the most notable thing Magic Johnson did with his Twitter account was lose an honorary position in the Lakers’ front office by posting obvious tweets that sound more like straight fact than opinion. Some might say he followed that habit of tweeting blunt truths with the 31-minute tweetstorm that followed:

Johnson then stressed that violence isn’t the answer, echoing Michael Jordan’s pleas for violence to stop amid the days of unrest and protests in Charlotte, North Carolina this week after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.

Johnson does, however, say changes need to be made to how police operate in America.

Johnson then called on all Americans to come together and speak out and “make black lives a priority” to help fix what’s become a problem highlighted more and more by protests and outcry around the country.

Johnson ends by mentioning the names of many of those who were killed in interactions with the police or in police custody in recent memory.

It was a well-written and emotional plea that’s often rare to find on Twitter in the form of multi-tweet postings. Johnson then closed Twitter to avoid his mentions and spoke to a Swiss financial services company before promoting an academic scholarship fundraiser in Flint, Michigan scheduled for Friday morning.