Marcin Gortat Believes John Wall Will ‘Torture’ Lonzo Ball

Sports Writer

We’re just three games into Lonzo Ball’s NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and it’s been an eventful first week, to say the least. Patrick Beverley introduced him to what NBA defenses are capable of. Snoop Dogg piled on with what might be the single best basketball analogy of all-time. But most importantly, he’s playing some decent basketball.

Ball is giving the Lakers 13.3 points, 8.7 assists, and 9.3 rebounds on .348 shooting from the field in 34.3 minutes per game. You’d like that shooting percentage higher, certainly, but averaging a near-triple-double through the first three games of your rookie season is not too shabby.

In the immediate aftermath of Ball’s NBA debut where Beverley made his life miserable for 29 minutes, a lot of NBA players and insiders started to blame LaVar Ball for Beverley taking that matchup personally. John Wall provided similar commentary, claiming that Lonzo has a target on his because of how LaVar Ball promotes his son while trashing coaches, teammates, and the rest of the NBA.

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