Markelle Fultz Will Only Be Working Out For One Team Before The Draft

06.07.17 1 year ago

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The top two pics of the NBA Draft appear to be in place. Lonzo Ball seems all but destined for the Los Angeles Lakers, while Markelle Fultz seems headed to the Boston Celtics.

Fultz will only work out for the Celtics, who hold the top pick in this month’s NBA Draft.

Couple that with Lonzo’s refusal to work out for the Celtics and it all looks like it’s falling into place here. Unless something goes wrong, Fultz will be a Celtic and Ball will be a Laker.

This is all reading the draft workout tea leaves, of course, and crazier things have happened. The Celtics could decide to trade the pick instead of trading Isaiah Thomas, meaning someone else scoops up the Washington standout instead. Or maybe they keep both players and make them live in a duplex in Braintree, just to see what happens.

Perhaps all the Ball to Los Angeles talk is a smokescreen of some sort, and there’s a massive conspiracy in place to thwart LaVar Ball‘s hopes and dreams just because he talks too loudly about his shoes. Probably not, but as LeBron James once yelled into a microphone, anything is possible!

Besides, throw us a bone here. The Draft isn’t for another few weeks, and we’re going to need things to talk about if the Warriors don’t ever lose a game. Let’s not have everything decided well before Adam Silver calls a name on draft night.

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