Mike Brown Brought His Laptop To Show Clips Of Missed Calls During His Postgame Officiating Rant

While much of the sports viewing public was focused on Rams-Lions, the Kings and Bucks played a wild game in Milwaukee, with the Bucks coming out on top in overtime thanks to a buzzer-beater from Damian Lillard to win 143-142.

Just getting to overtime took quite the effort from the Kings, who erased a 12-point deficit in the fourth quarter to force OT on a De’Aaron Fox layup at the buzzer in regulation. The Bucks opened up that 12-point lead on a pair of technical free throws after Kings coach Mike Brown lost it on the officials, more than earning his ejection from the game as he went chest-to-chest with an official before getting pulled away by Trey Lyles and Malik Monk. After the loss, Brown wasn’t done fuming and went on a five-minute long rant about the officiating in his postgame press conference.

Now, we’ve seen impassioned rants against the refs plenty — Raptors coach Darko Rajakovic set the bar high this month with his presser after a loss to the Lakers — but Brown took it to the next level by bringing in a laptop with cutups of the two calls he was most angered by, breaking down how the refs missed the calls and why it made him so mad.

I do like that Brown spent the fourth quarter with the video guy in the locker room putting together this presentation. The league will undoubtedly issue a fine to Brown, but he also makes good points (as is often the case in these kinds of rants) and the way he picks up for his guys is one of the reasons he’s been so successful in Sacramento.