Here Is Every ‘NBA 2K18’ Player Rating Released So Far

08.04.17 2 years ago

The slow release of player ratings for NBA 2K18 has begun as 2K has been offering first looks at big players and reaction videos of those players learning their ratings over the past few weeks. We’re still a little ways away from the full release of ratings ahead of the Sept. 19 game release date, but until then — when we can break down those that are overrated, underrated, and properly rated — we’ll be keeping track of all the individual releases right here.

2K began their unveil by asking players what they thought their rating should be and why, and then telling them what their actual rating is and getting their reactions on video. They had the likes of Joel Embiid, Paul George, cover boy Kyrie Irving, and others for that portion, and have since dropped other rating nuggets along with first looks at how that player looks in the actual game.

Dwyane Wade: 84, LeBron James: 97

Joel Embiid: 86

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