The NBA Draft Had Some Prospects Looking Their Best And Others Shooting Bricks

06.23.17 2 years ago

Getty Image

The NBA Draft is a time of high emotion and high fashion, and often the two mix for basketball’s best college prospects. Players take special care with their draft night looks, inserting special meaning and messages in the formal wear they take the stage in.

Thursday night at Barclays Center was no exception, with a number of draft picks sporting risky fashion and paying tribute to family and friends with custom suits. Every draft pick is a winner on draft night, but not every draft look is weighed with the same respect. So let’s take a look at the best of the draft and ponder a few misfires along the way.

Every draft cap, by the way, looks ridiculous. I know they have to come up with new looks for these caps every year, but paying 40 bucks for one of those is crazy. Every hat looks like a felt disco ball with an acid-washed brim. And then there’s the car hood ornament team logo. Just too many textures going on here. Please remove two.

Anyway, let’s get to the stuff the players willingly put on their bodies.

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