A Bunch Of NBA Players (And Also Lamar Jackson) Had Things To Say About Draymond Green Punching Jordan Poole

A video of the practice altercation involving Draymond Green and Jordan Poole hit the internet on Friday morning. While the audio was muted and it’s still unclear what led to things popping off, the pair were on the floor together during practice, Green got in Poole’s face, Poole responded by shoving his teammate, and Green threw a punch that sent Poole to the ground.

Much had been made about the incident, with Steph Curry and Steve Kerr both going to lengths to push back against a report that Poole’s attitude has been sour during camp ahead of his presumed big-money contract extension. But until Friday, we had no idea exactly how things went down. In the aftermath of the video hitting the internet, a number of NBA players gave their thoughts on things. There was Trae Young offering up a theory that this was all part of a plan by Green to get to the Lakers, but other current and former players chimed in as well.

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala had a simple response to a question about who leaked the footage, while ex-Warrior David West believes that person’s days in the organization should be numbered.

Another former Golden State player, Stephen Jackson, addressed the incident in a video and told Green “there’s no reason to sucker punch a young fella” before expressing that he spoke to the star forward on Thursday.

Even Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens cracked a few jokes about the whole thing.

According to Warriors general manager Bob Myers, Green apologized to the team on Thursday.