The Five Best Rookie Of The Year Award Contenders For 2017-18, Ranked

07.19.17 7 months ago 5 Comments

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NBA Summer League provided endless entertainment for basketball die-hards and plenty of content for media covering the event in wall-to-wall fashion. As usual, the quality of basketball was lacking on the whole but a deep and talented rookie class added intrigue to the proceedings and fans of the Los Angeles Lakers flooded Las Vegas to help turn the event into a full-blown spectacle in 2017.

Now that the event is over, though, the dregs of the offseason are fully upon us but the good folks at provided some food for thought on Tuesday. The offshore sportsbook released Rookie of the Year odds for the 2017-2018 season and, while the top-tier draft picks were present and accounted for, there were a few surprises along the way.

With that as the backdrop, it is time to roll through the five best ROY contenders for next season in countdown order and, within the list, there will be a few handicapping nuggets for entertainment purposes only. First, though, two sleepers should be noted.

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