The Cavs’ New Players Are All Excited To Play On The Same Team As LeBron James

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LeBron James got a whole batch of new teammates this week, and he’s taken to playing NBA 2K with them in the lineup just to get a feel for them.

That’s not going to be necessary when they finally get to play in a game with him, but for now it’s not a bad way to get used to new teammates, even if the newest Cavs players certainly know all about James. In fact, Rodney Hood and George Hill both had plenty to say about the Cavs’ franchise player.

Hill spoke to Cleveland.com on Saturday and said the team is still LeBron’s, and his new teammates are there to support him.

“He’s the Batman and we gotta be all Robins,” Hill said.

It’s a pretty funny quote, but it’s pretty accurate. The team was built around LeBron at the deadline, and players who once had to square off against James now benefit from his play.

Hill, who lost to the Heat in the postseason when he was with the Indiana Pacers, certainly has bad memories of playing against James.

“Way to remind me of that,” Hill said. “You work every year to get to that point and we ran across a three-headed monster a couple times. … So we just think ‘man, if we just would’ve gotten that Game 7 (in 2013), or maybe that Game 2 in Miami that year LeBron hit the game winner, who knows? We probably would’ve been champs.’

“But he’s a champ, he’s the MVP, an All-Star for a reason. One of the best to do it, so I tip my hat to him.”

Seriously, his new teammates raved about him. Rodney Hood called recalled going to his camp when he was a kid.

“He’s the best player of our generation and I’ve been a big fan of his since I went to his camp when I was in high school,” Hood said on Saturday. “To get a chance to play with him and learn from him I think will be great for me.”

Jordan Clarkson also said nice things about James, too.

“Being able to play alongside them is pretty crazy,” Clarkson said on Saturday. “Something I’m going to be able to cherish for a while.”

Then again, maybe he’s just excited to get out from under the shadow of LaVar Ball.