Nike Will Release A ‘Cereal’ Pack Of Kyrie 4s Inspired By Kix, Lucky Charms, And Cinnamon Toast Crunch


It’s been a much quieter summer for Kyrie Irving than last year’s trade demands and subsequent move to Boston, but it’s been a good one nevertheless. Irving is recovering from surgery to remove some screws from his repaired knee, something that was apparently much scarier than initially thought.

With that taken care of, Irving has largely been able to celebrate the release of Uncle Drew, a feature film he starred in with some other NBA players. He’s also been working on some new designs of his Kyrie 4 signature shoe. In May, Irving showed off a pair of Kyrie 4s modeled after a Wheaties box as part of a promotion for Uncle Drew, and it turns out he’s stayed with a cereal theme in the newest colorways of one of the most popular signature shoes on the planet.

Nike announced three new colorways of the Kyrie 4 in a “Cereal” pack that features shoes modeled after three popular breakfast cereals: Kix, Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Call them tasty or delicious or whatever you want to, but the shoes really do look sharp. The Lucky Charms (above) colorway features a rainbow swoosh over a bright pink upper, with various colors popping up from the bottom of the Kyrie 4’s sole design.


The Kyrie 4 Kix colorway is just as vivid, but perhaps a bit more simple, with a yellow shoe mixed with some blue accents and an off-white sole. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch colorway’s coolest feature is a Nike swoosh specked with colors featured in the cereal’s logo. They are also, of course, wavy gold.


Nike will release the $120 shoes on its Snkrs app on August 11, but House of Hoops Mobile Trucks will do pop-ups starting on August 4 with the shoes available for sale early. Nike says the pop-ups will happen in Southern California and in the Northeast, and will also be at the NY vs. NY Championship at Rucker Park and the Drew League in Los Angeles later this summer.