This Leaked Prototype Might Be Our First Look At Next Year’s Nike NBA Uniforms

NBA jerseys have featured an Adidas symbol since 2006 but, when the 2017-2018 season arrives, that will change in a big way. We have known that Nike won the bidding war to take over the NBA jersey sponsorship for more than a year, but on Friday, a prototype for what the Philadelphia 76ers jerseys will look like might have leaked.

The image above comes from a reputable source, though it should be noted that Conrad Burry of sportslogos.net did double back with the potential that it is simply a glance that could change prior to a formal unveiling. It is somewhat fitting that the leak would take place with the Sixers, simply because that particular organization has been a darling of Basketball Twitter for some time and the new-age, “process”-oriented approach would be in line with a forward-thinking move for Nike and the league.

As for logistics, Philadelphia was the first organization to enter into a partnership with a jersey advertiser when the Sixers partnered with StubHub for three seasons, and the placement and prominence of those patches will be interesting to monitor. In addition, this presumed mock-up features a fairly large Nike “swoosh” symbol that, at least from this shot, appears to be a lot more visible than its predecessor.

At any rate, information about how Nike will tweak various jerseys around the league will undoubtedly surface at times during the 2016-2017 season, but we know that the world’s leading athletic shoe brand will be featured beginning in 2017-2018 and intrigue will follow.

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