Former Celtics Teammates Paul Pierce And Ray Allen Met Up To ‘Bury The Hatchet’ And End Their Feud

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Ray Allen’s beef with the rest of his former Boston Celtics teammates was legendary, but now it appears to be over. Allen and fellow Celtics great Paul Pierce appear to have set their differences aside in one of the more surprising transactions of the NBA offseason.

Pierce posted a photo with Allen from a celebrity basketball game on Saturday night, the two smiling while wearing shirts that read “Super Penguin” on them. If it wasn’t already surprising to see Allen and Pierce both smiling and in the same place, the caption that went along with the image was even more shocking.

“Time to get the band back together,” Pierce wrote along with the hashtag #burythehatchet. “No matter what happen(s) we all formed a special bond that can never b broken.”

Pierce also used the hashtag #onceacelticalwaysaceltic, which is a nice capper for it all. Shamrocks flooded into the comments on the post, which means that many Celtics fans seem to agree.

If you don’t remember, the schism between the 2008 Celtics was caused by Allen when he left the team in free agency to play for the Miami Heat. Many of the Celtics wouldn’t forgive him for leaving, and when TNT’s Area 21″ essentially had a 2008 Celtics reunion without Allen last season he was understandably upset. Allen also said he hoped fans would just “get over it” and let him move on with his life.

Considering all the shade and talk the beef created over the last few months, it’s surprising to see a resolution appear on social media late on a Saturday night. Maybe there is hope for peace in this world just yet.