Rajon Rondo Joins The Lakers Expecting To Compete For Lonzo Ball’s Starting Job

07.02.18 12 months ago

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The Lakers did a great job at the very start of free agency when they landed LeBron James on a four-year deal that all but assures them they will be a playoff contender for the duration.

However, with a young, talented-but-raw roster around LeBron, many wondered what the Lakers would do with the rest of their cap space this summer after missing out on Paul George. The answer has been the most bizarre array of one-year signings the league has ever seen, as the Lakers are clearly content to punt on trying to add major talent this summer in the name of having significant cap space next summer, likely focused on a Kawhi Leonard signing.

It started with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope running it back for another year in L.A., but then it became a parade of Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, and, most recently, Rajon Rondo. The latter of whom is coming in with the full intent on trying to become the starting point guard over Lonzo Ball. As numerous reporters pointed out after the signing, Rondo has been told it’s an open competition for the spot and the “best man plays.”

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