Rob Pelinka Has Responded To Magic Johnson’s Accusations Of ‘Backstabbing’ Him While With The Lakers

05.20.19 3 months ago

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For the second time in as many months on Monday, Magic Johnson preempted a scheduled Los Angeles Lakers event to break some news of his own. His sudden departure from the team was announced without the Lakers’ knowledge at an impromptu press conference before the team’s home finale this season, shocking everyone and leaving many, including LeBron James, wondering why it happened so suddenly and without warning.

Johnson followed that up with an appearance on ESPN’s First Take on Monday morning, on which he accused the Lakers of infighting, claiming that rumors about Johnson’s job performance were coming from Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. That accusation, according to Johnson, is part of why he stepped down from his role before the end of the regular season.

Hours later, the Lakers held a press conference to formally introduce new coach Frank Vogel. The former Pacers and Magic coach was not their first choice, as that job search was part of what’s become a bit of a circus for the Lakers this offseason. Pelinka was inevitably asked about Johnson’s claims, and he seemed disappointed while denying what Johnson said earlier in the day.

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