Jazz Center Rudy Gobert Played ‘Pokemon Go’ During A Summer League Game

07.12.16 2 years ago
rudy gobert


Pokemon Go is the sensation that’s sweeping the nation — and by “sweeping the nation,” of course we mean redefining how many people experience the world and possibly bringing down society as we know it. Any cultural movement this powerful was going to show up in the NBA, and it finally has at Las Vegas Summer League.

Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert is thankfully not on the team’s Summer League roster, considering he’s one of the best defensive big men in the game and has nothing to prove. We say thankfully because Rudy was playing some Pokemon Go courtside, which would not have been ideal if he was in uniform:

Oh, just trying to watch some Summer League, eh, Rudy? Then how, pray tell, did your app just magically open itself on your screen? We’re on to you, Rudy, and we’re disappointed in your lack of engagement with the youngsters trying to make your roster. And all for a Spearow? Maybe if there was an Aerodactyl in the rafters then it would be worth it.

We’re kidding, of course — Summer League only matters to the guys fighting for that last roster spot or training camp invite, and Rudy being there to support the team (and to be in Vegas) is all gravy. Although this is giving us a new idea for some stadium promotions, like a halftime show where the person in the crowd who catches the highest-level Pokemon in 60 seconds wins a car. Nope, no possibility for a riot there, no sir.

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