The Spurs Are About To Enter The Biggest Offseason Of The Gregg Popovich Era

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People fall victim to explaining the next thing that is going to happen on a linear timeline is “the biggest” or “the most important.” This is because it’s the one that has to be addressed now, and even if it’s not as big of a deal as something that has happened in the past, this is the one that is in the immediate future and cannot be messed up. Therefore, it’s the biggest.

But when it comes to the San Antonio Spurs under Gregg Popovich, the team is legitimately on the verge of facing the biggest offseason it has had. As we saw over the course of the season and the team’s 4-1 series loss to a Golden State side that was missing Steph Curry, there are times when the Spurs don’t look like the Spurs, the organization that has been the standard bearer for the NBA throughout the last 20 or so years.

San Antonio is revered for its system. Within that system, the Spurs have managed to succeed when individuals accept their myriad of roles, as players are more pieces to a puzzle (some bigger pieces than other) than part of a hierarchical organization where some guys have to get theirs. There were times this year when that worked out great — while the team’s 50-win streak ended, a 47-35 mark in the Western Conference is nothing to scoff at, especially because they (as the 7-seed) were a mere two games behind the 3-seed.

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