Watch Shannon Sharpe Get Evangelical About LeBron James With This Amazing Video Edit

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Shannon Sharpe is officially America’s sweetheart. The FS1 commentator known for telling off Skip Bayless has had a pretty great run on FS1, spitting takes and just generally being remarkably entertaining in an industry where being bombastic is often more productive than being right.

Sharpe has defended Colin Kaepernick, empowered Kevin Love to tell the Cavaliers to go screw, and just generally been a voice of reason in a sports talk field that isn’t always the most reasonable.

You know you’ve swung the people’s favor when you get video edits done that make you look even better than you already present yourself, and that’s exactly what’s happened to Sharpe over the last few months. It started in October when Sharpe had a victory “cigar” live on air that got him a banging remix of his own words that took social media by storm. And the latest Shannon Sharpe video edit is has made Sharpe sound downright evangelical about Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James.

The video, posted by Astasia Williams on Twitter this week, quickly spread through social media, because it’s downright amazing.

Williams took a clip of Sharpe talking about LeBron James from back in November. Add in some organ music to emphasize his points, and he really does sound exactly like a preacher giving us the good word.

It’s a subtle change, and certainly not as involved as making an entire song out of months of Sharpe saying “SKIP” a bunch of different ways, but it’s so brilliant and well-executed.

The video made its way to Sharpe late Wednesday night, and he enthusiastically retweeted it with his approval.

Undisputed co-host Joy Taylor also loved the video.

Other sports stars like Chad Johnson have voiced their approval, so all that’s missing now is a hymn of some sort repurposed using Sharpe’s voice and we’re well on our way to a Shannon Sharpe EP by year’s end.