Shaq Wouldn’t Stop Breaking Brooms On ‘Inside The NBA’

The Lakers put the finishing touches on a series win over the Blazers on Saturday night, rattling off their fourth straight win over Portland after dropping the opener of the series to advance to the second round.

After the game, the Inside the NBA crew continued to poke fun at Charles Barkley’s proclamation that the Blazers would sweep L.A. from the beginning of the series. Last week, after the Lakers picked up a win, Shaq snapped a broom in half over his knee, leading to accusations from his colleagues of breaking a “tampered with” broom. The result on Saturday night was Shaq breaking multiple brooms to prove it’s just a thing he can do — including one over his head — and even goading Barkley into breaking a broom.

By the end of the night, Shaq had enough of broom breaking and wanted a bigger challenge, so they found a 2×4 somewhere in the studio and set it up for him to karate kick (well, really stomp) in half.

I hope this continues as an every night thing, where Shaq just takes on increasingly greater challenges to break stuff, but it also begs the question of why are there so many brooms in the TNT studio. They broke three brooms on Saturday, after breaking one last week as well. Some poor custodian is going to come into work in the morning and be absolutely furious.