Shaq Is Slated To Perform A DJ Set At Lollapalooza 2019

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Shaquille O’Neal has always had interests beyond the game of basketball, and throughout his time in the spotlight, one that he has pursued is his love of music. The Hall of Fame center was a major label recording artist while he played in the NBA, with his debut album, Shaq Diesel, reaching platinum status.

Shaq cut his teeth in the music game as a rapper, whether it was dropping an album or showing up in public and asking Kobe Bryant, well, you know. But in recent years, Shaq has done a lot more DJing, traveling around and getting gigs that are almost as big as the man himself.

DJ Diesel has taken the stage for a few major music festivals, and on Wednesday morning, it was announced that the four-time NBA champion will do a set at Lollapalooza this year.

You have to skim the lineup a bit to find him, but Shaq is down on the 12th line of non-headlining performers. Seeing into the future and knowing how his set will go is, of course, impossible, but I do not think it is a stretch to assume that he is the best basketball player on the card, so at least he has that. If you’re interested in watching him perform, here’s a DJ set he did back in 2015.