No, The Old ‘Space Jam’ Website Wasn’t Deleted Because Of ‘Space Jam 2’

The buzz about a Space Jam sequel hit fever pitch on Saturday, as the first trailer for the Warner Bros. sequel to the 1996 classic looks to feature a LOT of other characters from its back catalog. And, you know, LeBron James and some Looney Toons and whatnot.

But after the breakdown of who might be in the film, and some jokes about some Warners properties that would be very funny to include, there was a mild panic from some people on social media. Namely, if the new website for Space Jam: A New Legacy, meant the end of one of the most iconic websites in Internet history. Some folks who went to visit were shocked when a website that featured the first trailer for the film was in the place where the extremely throwback site for the original Space Jam once was.

The history of the website is a significant part of internet lore. There have been oral histories of the site over the years, and it’s a quirky relic of how movie advertising online started with something very simple before it became, well, the main way movies attract attention these days.

But despite the initial panic, the good news is the iconic website isn’t dead: it was just moved to a 1996-labeled URL that may keep its legacy intact for the foreseeable future. Some digging was done in the new website’s code to confirm that, yes, Warners did take care to move it to the /1996 URL.

Even the links on the landing page still work, though they don’t exactly have a lot to thrill you with. But it’s great that they seem to understand how charming this site is, which tends to go viral every few years when people realize the site is still active.