Steph Curry’s All-Star Saturday Night Jacket Was Inspired By His Childhood

Getty Image

It’s no secret that Steph Curry had a pretty sweet childhood. Not everybody gets to spend their youth on NBA sidelines and learn from an all-time great shooter like his father, Dell Curry, but he had this opportunity, even if no one could have predicted him using the lessons he learned as a kid en route to a Hall of Fame career.

Still, even if we did not realize it at the time, Curry has been in the spotlight his entire life. During the 1992 NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, a now iconic photo was taken of Curry sitting with his father. Fast forward to Saturday night, when a now-adult Curry took part in the three-point contest in Charlotte.

Dell, of course, made his name in Charlotte (and even got some shots up on Saturday night for charity), while Curry’s brother, Seth, participated in the contest as well. To cap off the moment, Curry worked with Under Armour to wear the same exact jacket on Saturday that he wore as a kid in ’92. Of course, this jacket is bit bigger.

It’s a really cool tribute to Curry’s childhood, and shout out to Under Armour for giving Steph some fire threads. While this is a jacket that I’m sure everyone will want, hopefully this jacket doesn’t end up in stores or anything. Something this special is way better when it isn’t for sale.