Stephen A. Smith Wants John Wall To ‘Shut The Hell Up’ After The Wizards Lost To The Lakers And Lonzo Ball

10.26.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

The Wizards lost to the Lakers on Wednesday night in one of those weird games where a spunky, young team that’s not actually good but plays hard and takes down a much better team that is in the middle of a West Coast road trip.

People that have watched the NBA for awhile know these kinds of things happen, especially in L.A. when a team just had a night off to enjoy the town (and the Warriors loom in the next game). However, after the Wizards fell to 3-1 on the season in overtime, the talk was all about John Wall, Lonzo Ball, and what this meant for the two point guards that battled it out.

Neither point guard shot the ball well, with Wall going 7-for-22 for 19 points and Ball going 2-for-11 for six points. Wall had nine assists as well, while Ball had 10 dimes and eight boards. The performances by both would normally be considered “mediocre to fine” with nothing disastrous or great from either. But because Lonzo got the win and there was plenty of talk coming in about Wall saying he’d show “no mercy” to the rookie and his teammate Marcin Gortat claiming he’d “torture” Ball, it became a referendum on both early in the season.

LaVar Ball unsurprisingly took his victory lap after his prediction of an L.A. win came true, but ESPN’s senior takesmith Stephen A. Smith also had a message for John Wall, telling him to “shut the hell up.”

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