Stephen A. Smith Went On An Epic Rant Over Carmelo Anthony’s ‘Garbage’ ESPN Ranking

Managing Editor, Sports + DIME
09.13.17 3 Comments


It’s the NBA silly season, which means now that we’re past free agency, and Summer League, and “Instagram like watch,” and Kyrie Irving trade alerts, and NBA 2K ratings, we’ve moved into the stage where everyone gets upset over arbitrary rankings of players on various websites.

Dude are getting upset at Sports Illustrated, others are confusing ESPN and SI entirely, and it seems as though the entire basketball world has come to bat for Carmelo Anthony over the fact he was ranked below rookie Lonzo Ball.

While there’s merit to it, the whole thing is just so ridiculous it’s hard not to laugh. If you haven’t chuckled yet, you will after the latest piece of this great tapestry. That would be ESPN’s own representative Stephen A. Smith, all fired up and mad as heck going full Network on his own, well, network.

Smith can’t believe the audacity or the insinuation that Car-Me-Lo-An-Tho-Ny would be ranked that low. It’s downright preposterous. Well, see for yourself.

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