Steve Kerr Is Excited For The Lakers And Warriors To Finally Be Rivals On The Court

10.09.18 8 months ago

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Expectations are mixed for the 2018-19 Los Angeles Lakers, but everyone agrees that the team will be under the microscope after the addition of LeBron James. Not every offseason move executed by Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka was lauded but, in managing to land James, the Lakers invigorated an already rabid fan base and immediately launched the franchise back into the national conversation on a daily basis.

By contrast, the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors aren’t receiving quite as much attention as you may think, particularly after the general hysteria subsided in the wake of the DeMarcus Cousins signing. Still, the stars are now aligned for a potentially interesting rivalry in the Pacific Division and, in short, a few members of the Warriors organization are excited about it.

Head coach Steve Kerr, who has seen just about everything in the NBA as a player, coach and executive, shed light on the situation and indicated that this might be the first time that both sides are in this position at the same time.

“This is probably the first time it’s lined up,” Kerr said on Tuesday, via Nick Friedell of ESPN. “Did Sleepy Floyd get his 29 against the Lakers in one quarter? That would probably be the biggest moment. So for Warriors fans that’s probably the biggest moment of the Laker-Warrior rivalry. I’m sure the Lakers never really looked at it as a rivalry all those years when they were dominating, but this will be fun. We’re in the same division, obviously both teams have a lot of talent and the atmosphere is going to be great. Even in the preseason, I think people are going to be really looking forward to it.”

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