‘The Starters’ Tell Us About The Season’s Best And Reveal Their NBA Playoff Picks

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The NBA’s regular season has come to a close, and on Saturday, the 2018 postseason will officially get underway. But before we get to the start of those games, we wanted to look back on the 2017-18 campaign as a whole (and peek into the crystal ball to tell us what they expect to see during the NBA Playoffs).

To give us a hand, we had a chat with our pals over at The Starters (Leigh Ellis, Trey Kerby, J.E. Skeets, and Tas Melas) the day after the season ended when they were fresh off their end-of-season awards show, The Starties, and primed for the playoffs (which they’ll cover every weeknight on NBA TV).

Favorite Regular Season Game

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Ellis, Kerby: Philadelphia 132, Cleveland 130 [Friday, April 6]
Skeets: Minnesota 112, Denver 106 [Wednesday, April 11]
Melas: Houston 113, Los Angeles Clippers 102 [Monday, January 15]

Three of the four selections are from the final week of the season: Philadelphia and Cleveland’s instant classic in a matchup for the leg up in the race for the three-seed in the Eastern Conference, and the postseason play-in game between the Timberwolves and Nuggets.

“There was quite a bit at stake,” Ellis said of his selection. “Still, the Cavs and the Sixers were sort of battling over that third spot in the Eastern Conference, and you sorta thought in the first half that the Sixers [were] gonna run away with it, and then at the end you saw it, LeBron’s gonna pull off some magic.”

As for Melas’ selection, well, he has one heck of a reason for going with a Rockets-Clippers game from January that was decided by 11 points.

“Whenever the words ‘secret tunnels’ comes up, or the phrase ‘secret tunnels’ comes up in a basketball game, I think we’re all winners,” Melas said with a laugh.

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