Some Warriors Were Thrown Off By DeMarcus Cousins’ Love Of Slow Jams As Workout Music

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DeMarcus Cousins is back on the floor for the Golden State Warriors, and everyone involved in the comeback endeavor seems to be having fun. The Warriors loved his first appearance with the Warriors on Friday night and threw down a dunk that gave us a brief glimpse of what he can do.

It will be a while before Cousins is fully operational with Golden State and the team’s being careful with Cousins, it’s safe to say Cousins and the Dubs are getting along swimmingly. But one thing that’s taken a bit of getting used to for Golden State is what Boogie listened to during his long rehab process. Cousins was recovering from an achilles injury and had a lot of time at the gym and in physical therapy. That means a lot of time to listen to music as you try to get better. And unlike most athletes who prefer fast-paced music to work out, Cousins is very different.

In a story in by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Cousins’ preference for slow jams was discussed at length, and it seems his teammates were taken aback by the slow jams Cousins loves to sweat to.

Cousins got through an arduous, year-long rehabilitation with the assistance of various slow jams. His musical preferences at times featured Luther Vandross, Babyface and Aretha Franklin.

The songs crept into the Warriors’ facility before practices, which threw off some of his teammates, who prefer to sweat it out while listening to hip-hop.

“Man, you don’t know if he’s getting ready to make love or preparing to shoot a basketball,” one member of the Warriors organization told Yahoo Sports while laughing. “It’s hard to work out when your mom’s music is on.”

Cousins got some flack from players as his music started showing up more and more at the team facility. But he’s not changing his mood music anytime soon.

“It’s always the young guys on the team who complain,” Cousins told Yahoo Sports. “I’m like, ‘Bro, is this all y’all listen to?’ They’re listening to ‘Mo Bamba’ [song] and all this other [expletive]. I need to slow it down with some ’80s and ’90s music. That’s how I get down.”

It’s a good bit of insight into what Cousins has been up to during his rehab. And it shows you just how different of a guy Cousins is — not many people can get pumped up (for working out, at least) when they’re listening to Luther Vandross. But if it works for Boogie, the Dubs are in. Even if they’ll need some headphones when they hit the weights.

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