The NBA Will Reportedly Not Punish Zaza Pachulia For The Russell Westbrook Incident

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Some folks can’t help keeping themselves away from some sort of controversy, no matter what trouble seems to find them. For Zaza Pachulia, the trouble that he caused on Saturday against the Thunder won’t keep him off the court for now.

In their game against the Warriors, Zaza Pachuia clumsily fell on the legs of Russell Westbrook. Due to the Zaza’s history of his flailing limbs or, as some might say, intentionally injuring opposing players, the conversations about whether or not Pachulia intentionally dove into Westbrook’s legs kicked into high gear. Some called that Pachulia be suspended because of the fact he’s a liability to injure someone on any given moment.

On Monday, Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post reported the NBA would not suspend Pachulia for the incident and that he would be in uniform when the Warriors take on the Knicks later that night.

This news will not please Thunder fans or their players. On Saturday during his post-game press conference, when asked if he thought that Pachuilia was a dirty player, Westbrook somewhat confirmed that notion.

Tim Kawakami of The Athletic then added a thought that it might have been better if Warriors center had been suspended after all because there may be future retaliation if another incident occurs.

The sentiment makes some sense because if the players feel like the NBA isn’t policing matters properly they might feel the need to step in and do it themselves. It stands to reason that with two known powder kegs in Pachulia and Draymond Green, the Warriors give the rest of the league a lot of reasons to dislike playing them for multiple reason. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and maybe in his mid to late 30’s, Pachulia can regain some of his coordination that seems to betray him at times that lead to these sorts of controversies. .