Zion Williamson Broke Duke’s Vertical Leap Record

Via DukeMBB

With all due respect to the rest of college basketball, Zion Williamson might be the most exciting player in the nation despite not even taking the floor yet. Williamson, a five-star forward recruit and an incoming freshman, is a high school mixtape legend for his ability to jump out of the building.

The scariest part is that Williamson could still have a way to go as an athlete. Back in October of 2017, Williamson weighed in at 272 pounds, and once he got into a college strength and conditioning program and dropped some weight, his already legendary hops might get even better.

Williamson has put on some weight — according to Duke’s most recent roster, the native of South Carolina checks in at 285 pounds — but his ability to get up is still otherworldly. For proof, here’s a video of Williamson breaking Duke’s all-time vertical jump record.

Adam Rowe of The Devils Den estimates that Williamson’s vertical comes in at right around 40 inches, although that is unconfirmed. (For the record, a 2016 story from USA Today said he had a vertical of 46 inches, although that, too, was never verified.)

The questions about Williamson’s game will persist until he gets onto the floor and shows that he is more than just a dude who can jump, but until then, watching videos of his bunnies will have to suffice.