Comedy Now: The Reign Of The ‘2 Dope Queens’ Has Begun At HBO

Mindy Tucker/Courtesy of HBO

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What’s Now

The 2 Dope Queens come to HBO

Beginning tonight at 11:30 pm ET, the 2 Dope Queens will reign supreme on HBO every Friday in February. The popular podcast-turned-comedy special co-hosted by Jessica Williams (The Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (Broad City) features a friendly, inclusive showcase format that provides a wide range of comedians a space to perform their best routines. It also includes a rotation of celebrity guests, like Williams’ former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart. Yet the main attraction is the co-hosts themselves, who — as Williams told Uproxx — wield their black female identity as the ultimate “superpower.”

Kavin Jay exclaims Everybody Calm Down! on Netflix


Between Harith Iskander’s I Told You So and Fakkah Fuzz’s Almost Banner, Netflix’s international comedic output has taken a decidedly Asian Pacific turn. Malaysian comic Kavin Jay is the latest addition to this growing roster with Everybody Calm Down!, which began streaming today. Filmed in Singapore, Jay’s first-ever stand-up special endeavor to “defy stereotypes” of all kinds with “stories about growing up in the VHS era” and the typical body size of Malay peoples when compared to Americans and Europeans.

What’s News(s)

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