Dave Chappelle Was A Surprise Special Guest At Chris Rock’s New Orleans Show

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Watch the throne part 2. Total blackout tour 2017 .

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Chris Rock is a level of comedy god where no additional acts are necessary to get your money’s worth. Anything extra is gravy. Fans attending Rock’s New Orleans show were already spoiled with Eric Andre and Jeffrey Ross playing the role of openers, but said spoilage was amped up to another level when Dave f*cking Chappelle popped by for an unannounced appearance.

The content of Rock’s Total Blackout tour is kept under tight surveillance with phones, cameras and other recording devices under lock and key, so Chappelle’s surprise drop-in wasn’t sidetracked by everyone scrambling to snap photographic evidence. Press restrictions were in place as well, so we’ll let The Times-Picayune do the heavy lifting on the atmosphere.

“I know I was just here,” Chappelle said to open what became the pair’s 90 minute set, which began with Chappelle striding onstage underneath Rock’s giant logo on a screen above his head. Chappelle sauntered in, one hand grasping a microphone and the other a cigarillo that left a trail of smoke behind him as the audience realized what was happening and roared to its feet.

“Tonight, you are all part of a social experiment. … Stranger things have happened in New Orleans,” Chappelle deadpanned to the audience, which included other celebrities like Tyra Banks and Rosario Dawson.

Security may have had photos in short supply among the civilians, but that’s not say there weren’t a few snaps taken marking Saturday’s all-star lineup.

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In case you missed it.

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Rock’s Total Blackout tour continues tonight with another show in New Orleans. Attendance is mandatory.

(Via The Times-Picayune & Consequence of Sound)

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