‘Release The Snyder Cut’ Truthers Are Apparently Trying To Get Joss Whedon Banned From Subway

Let’s get straight into it, as there’s a lot to unpack.

Back in December, one of the more prominent “Release the Snyder Cut” Twitter accounts (yes, there are multiple Snyder Cut Twitter accounts, and no, I’m not going to explain the Snyder Cut — if you know, you know; if you don’t, lucky you) asked Subway how many retweets it would take for the chain to donate “10,000 sandwiches for hungry families during the holiday period” and also, if they wouldn’t mind, “1 tweet with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.” Subway responded with 5,000 retweets, a goal that was quickly met. In fact, as Subway noted, because it was met “in under 214 minutes,” a reference to the length of the “ssssiiicccckkkkkk” 214-minute Justice League cut, “we are going to up the donation to 15,000 subs! And oh yeah, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.”

A few days later, this happened:

The Subway-Signal (it’s like the Bat-Signal, but with a meatball sub instead of Batman’s logo) wasn’t seen again until this February 14, when director Zack Snyder tweeted, “It’s #214 and people have been asking me what would be on a Snyder Cut sandwich??? @SUBWAY” No one has asked him that, ever, but Subway, sensing something more, something darker (Black Forest Ham), felt compelled to respond: “The sandwich would be in a league of its own, that’s for sure. We know hope is easy to lose, but if you dig around it’s usually close by. Who has been hoping for the Snyder Cut Sandwich? #214.”

It’s now firmly established that Zack Snyder and Subway are as friendly as ham and cheese, steak and cheese, basically any meat and cheese. But you know who’s not welcome at the meat-and-cheese-on-weird-smelling-bread chain? Joss Whedon, if Snyder Cut truthers have their way. In the latest twist in this movie-worthy saga (screw the Snyder Cut, gimme the Subway Cut), Subway responded to a tweet asking if Whedon, who finished the film when Snyder departed to a family tragedy, is “allowed at Subway now.” Subway curiously played along and added another Snyder Cut reference.

If Snyder Cut bros get their way and Joss Whedon wants a reasonably-priced sandwich (or any-priced sandwich, because he’s rich), he’ll have to go literally anywhere else, instead of stopping at a gas station during a road trip and ordering Subway because at least it’s healthier than Wendy’s, like the rest of us. Poor guy. Anyway, stay tuned for more superhero/sandwich news. I’m hoping for a Pulitzer, but will settle for a tuna sub.

(Via ScreenRant)