Rob And Blac Chyna Conquered The Mannequin Challenge In The Most Unlikely (And Impressive) Place

Rob Kardashian – AKA the only boy of the core Kardashian clan – and Blac Chyna – AKA the girl who is connected to the sprawling reality stars in more ways than we can count – gave birth on Thursday to new Kardashian baby Dream Kardashian. While the newborn’s name, Dream Renee, lives up to other out there monikers in the family like “North” and “Saint” the new parents didn’t just welcome their new daughter into the world with a great name but also participated in the latest social media frenzy while they were at it.

The Mannequin Challenge has been swirling around the internet for about a week now and growing in popularity, with the Cleveland Cavaliers even taking part during their championship visit to the White House on Thursday. But Blac Chyna and Rob, with the help of a few friends, have beaten everyone out there at the trend with a video direct from the delivery room.

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Dream Team 💕 #mannequinchallenge

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Now, the video wasn’t taken during Chyna’s actual labor which would have been even more impressive because she had a C-section. And also her makeup looks flawless. But it’s still a great take on the challenge, complete with Rob in “catch the baby” mode and Kris Jenner standing beside the bed. Other friends and family completed the tableau by standing frozen and pretending to look at the medical machines or fret about the delivery.

Never underestimate the ability of a Kardashian family member to capitalize on a social media craze when you least expect it. Blac Chyna will fit right in to the group.