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I apologize in advance for not being excited to report this story — I loved the show, I really did — it’s just that a lot of sites spent an entire year running ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT MOVIE??!? stories every other day, which usually consisted of them seeing Alia Shawkat on the street and yelling, “Hey Alia, is there going to be an Arrested Development movie??!”  She’d shrug, and they’d run STAR MAY BE ONBOARD FOR ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT MOVIE!! the next morning.  Some people even made a documentary about how the show was good.  Who the hell wants to see that?  I watched the show. I liked the show.  What’s the documentary going to be about, you ruining it for me?  Okay, tirade over.  AD creator Mitchell Hurwitz has begun writing the script, which he’s set to direct.

“Arrested Development” creator Mitchell Hurwitz [HURRRRwitz –Ed] and his co-executive producer James Vallely are working on a screenplay for the long-debated feature version of their short-lived Fox series. Even as they prep a new Fox comedy series with “Arrested” star Will Arnett, the writers are spinning more bizarre encounters for the eccentric, spoiled Bluth clan for possible feature production in the spring.

Hurwitz had said that he wouldn’t start writing a film unless all the main actors were committed. Hurwitz and Vallely are now forging ahead. Scheduling might be difficult, however, as several — Bateman, Cera and Arnett — have seen their careers bloom in TV and film since the series debuted in 2003. [THR]

Oh my gosh, someone started writing a script?  HOLD THE F-CKING PHONE, SO THAT I MIGHT SHOUT OBSCENITIES INTO IT.

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