Ben Kingsley’s Transformers 3 audition

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06.03.10 19 Comments

I didn’t post Heidi Montag’s ‘Transformers 3 audition‘ from the other day, because it was kind of boring and the last thing that dough-faced idiot needs is to believe she’s interesting in any way.  We could also discuss the kind of mind it would take to believe shooting a paper target from six feet away is an effective movie audition, but I have neither the time nor the tack hammers.

ANYWAY, here’s Sir Ben Kingsley parodying the aforementioned video for a George Lopez show promo.  I wanted it to be funny, but it’s actually kind of sad.  When Special K shows up, you assume it’s pretty much a slam dunk.  I’d watch Ben Kingsley wash my car (bonus points if he’s wearing a turban and a diaper).  Remember when he re-enacted that Minor Threat video?  That was fantastic.  This, on the other hand, looks like it involved about five seconds of pre-production.

“So… Ben Kingsley is British.  Can we do anything with that?  What do we know about the British?”

“Uh… they’re limp wristed and drink tea?”

“Perfect. Run with that, we’re burning daylight here.”

[via /Film]

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