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01.22.09 40 Comments

Oh man, today is like Hallotween and Valentween’s Day put together!  That’s because Dakota Fanning has been offered a part in New Moon, the upcoming sequel toTwilight.  She also needs to stop wearing heels and short dresses because that shit is creepin me out.

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

[Fanning’s character] Jane is a member of Italy’s Volturi, the most deadly group of bloodsucking killers in author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series.

In the casting notice we got our hands on earlier this month, Jane is described as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.” [E! Online]

Christ.  I’m pretty sure the Twilight series is like a reverse mad lib.  Stephenie Meyer makes a list of  13-year-old girls’ favorite words and fills in the rest.  Hmm, let’s see… Botticelli… angel… crimson… solitude… dazzling… cruel… eternity… duplicity… Ooh, I know! Some bullshit about vampires!

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