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(The Bruce Campbell mammogram machine made preventative cancer check-ups fun and sexy.)

For the record, I hate giving superheroes cutesy nicknames like they’re my frat bros, but I gotta keep these headlines down to one line so there you go.  Anyway, Sam Raimi favorite and all-around awesome guy Bruce Campbell recently told Access Hollywood that he’ll have “a major part” in Spider-Man 4, which is set to start filming in January.  A fourth Spider-Man isn’t the best idea, but it’s hard to go wrong with more Bruce Campbell (who’s previously had cameos as a wrestling announcer, a waiter, and theater usher).  Bruce Campbell is like a cross between Robert Downey Jr. and Patrick Warburton, and I would f’ck both those guys.  Wait, what?  Who typed that?

No word yet on what role he might play, but might I suggest the obvious?  Bruce Campbell should play Bruce Campbell with an evil hand.  It would make it awesome and meta-fictional, like JCVD but less Belgian.  And with more webbing.

[hat tip: GordonandtheWhale]

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